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Reading Room

On this page are just a few of the articles written by Dr. Karl Coke. If you would like to subscribe to his newsletter, please click here.

Restore! Magazine
Additional reading

Restoring the Home as The Center for Spiritual Growth
Premier Edition of Restore! Magazine

How God Sees Tithing
Restore! Winter 1996 Volume 2 No. 1

In Order to Learn Torah - One Must Have Peace
Restore! Magazine Volume 2 Issue 3

Ministry or Marketing? Lessons for the Third Millennium
Restore! Magazine Volume 5 Issue 4

Jesus' Bar Mitzvah - Enriched Understanding From Jewish Roots
Restore! Magazine Volume 6 Issue 1

Eyes to Hear; Ears to See!
Restore! Magazine Volume 9 Issue 3

10,000 More Bibles for India (NEW)

God Said "Daughters Will Prophesy"

Gift (Charisma)

Should Religion Be Marketed?

Man's First Day


Image & Likeness



The Torah shall go forth of Zion

Wisdom - Understanding - Knowledge

Choice and Consequences

The "Set Time" [moedim] Feasts


The Importance of Hebrew